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The future of insurance starts here

The global insurance market is undergoing a massive transformation, fueled by the demand for enhanced products and services. Solstice brings the first-ever insurance ecosystem that will change the relationship the insurance industry has with software and technology forever. Combining the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual back-office and Hyperautomation with the ease and responsiveness of a truly native cloud-based platform, Solstice is bringing solutions uniquely designed for insurance companies seeking to leverage new technology while responsibly and seamlessly phasing-out legacy systems.

No more expensive upfront CapEx investments. No more inflexible software licensing or onerous maintenance agreements. No more pushy and bloated IT Service contracts. Just effortless software that can keep up with the future vision of your company. A solution that grows with you—when you need it, as you need it; and you’ll only ever pay for what you use, period.

That’s Solstice.

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The Solstice Ecosystem

Solstice is ushering in a new paradigm that is changing the relationship between technology and insurance companies, forever. Solstice is the first fully native Cloud platform that combines an innovative, flexible and light-weight enterprise insurance ecosystem, leveraging some of today’s latest technology advances, with a revolutionary service model that ensures you make the most of your time and resources.


Focused Resources

Solstice allows clients to shift their time, capital and human resource into doing what they do No more worrying about the latest IT security patches and hardware upgrades or being leapfrogged by a competitor’s new technology. Solstice gives its clients the flexibility to ‘right-size’ their IT footprint while removing the traditional burden of owning and hosting in-house technology.


Aligned Fee Structure

Solstice is leading a new way that the insurance industry pays for and uses software and technology. Solstice does not require its clients to sign-up for long-term and expensive licensing agreements nor onerous maintenance agreements. With economic interests aligned, Solstice removes the need for wasteful IT Service projects and just continually improves the platform to encourage rapid growth. Bottom line, it’s about your top line: when we help you rapidly grow your book of improves both of our top lines.


Comprehensively Customizable

The Solstice digital platform holistically encompasses all aspects of the core insurance lifecycle including Sales, Policy Management, Claims and Billing as well as many standard and new convenience features that set it apart from today’s traditional platforms. We give our clients the option of deploying the entire enterprise platform, soup-to-nuts; or, selecting certain components of the ecosystem to augment or extend existing systems leveraging our world class restful API toolkit.


Virtual Back-office

Solstice ties it all together with the industry’s first and only 100% virtual back office. With distanced-working becoming increasingly more important, our proprietary platform gives you the ability to run some or literally all your insurance operation remotely. Whether you’re looking to downsize your physical building footprint, or have to quickly respond to the next catastrophic event, we’ve got you covered. Bottom line, it’s about your bottom line as much as your top line: our virtual back office will dramatically improve your OpEx ratios.


Remove Risk

Solstice removes many of the traditional IT risks by making implementation, integration and deployment easier than ever while offering the most intuitive, low-to-no training interfaces to our clients. Solstice allows insurers to finally feel like they are in control of their own data, customers and systems while at the same time enabling them to accurately forecast their IT expense ratio.

Do better with Solstice

Spend your time (and money) wisely

Give the boot to costly old systems and software solutions. Don’t risk capital on trying to build a new system that is likely to be outdated before you’ve even had a chance to launch it. With Solstice, you’ll experience the power of enhanced on-demand products and services designed for the rapidly shifting insurance market of today—and tomorrow.

  • Simple, affordable pricing: no upfront investments, expensive customizations or long-term contracts.
  • 100% cloud native, web-based and highly customizable solution delivered to you in a true SaaS solution.
  • Headache-free, real-time, no-charge system enhancements made possible by AI, ML and Hyperautomation.
  • Convenient, affordable and highly configurable SaaS solution puts the power back into the hands of our clients.
  • Phase-out expensive legacy systems and/or bloated software packages responsibly with a realistic Solstice roadmap that mitigates risk and finally enables you to sunset those antiquated solutions.

Give your policyholders the experience they deserve

Your policyholders are the core of your business. Solstice gives you the tools you need to quickly deploy consumer-direct technology solutions with the tools policyholders now need and expect from their insurer.

  • Beautifully designed interface and streamlined user experience that delivers on mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Compete with some of today’s largest consumer-direct insurance products, leveraging the Solstice private-labeled consumer-driven sales portals.
  • Hyperautomation eliminates many manual functions that used to require processing by onsite staff.
  • Leveraging the Solstice Smart Data toolkit ensures fast, accurate quotes in seconds leading to high-percentage policy conversion.

We Know InsurTech

The best solutions are created by those who’ve been in the trenches. We know those trenches like the back of our hand, with over 150 years of combined leadership expertise specifically in transforming insurance technology.

Control your future. Join the platform.

Let go of the technology anchors that are holding you back and allow us to help you finally pursue your lofty business goals with the empowering technology from Solstice. Learn more about how our insurance technology solutions can help you.

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