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Modernize your insurance systems with no technology or financial risk? Be aligned with your software partner to help you rapidly grow your business? Easily access production and performance tracking in real-time? Have your insureds remotely complete building inspections and claims in real-time? Trust that your software platform will never “go down” or “lose data”? Have a software partner who wasn’t constantly upselling “professional services”? Just have your software work without being forced to hire vendor-specific dev staff? Get rid of the long list of IT obstacles in your current system? Write business with the click of a button? Increase your market share by 30%? 50%? 100% or more? Gain >50% more back office and operational efficiency Improve your loss ratio with better data? Eliminate your aging IT backlog? Have your system enhanced each month with no business interruption? See an immediate benefit to your bottom line?

At Solstice we help You Do Better.©

  • Solstice Innovations is a software company that brings the first-ever Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance ecosystem designed to change the relationship the insurance industry has with software and technology.
  • Solstice Innovations has built “Equinox”, a modern, flexible, secure, Homeowners, Flood, and other lines of business platform to meet your insurance needs.
  • 100% cloud native, web-based and highly customizable solution delivered to you in a true SaaS solution.
  • Convenient, affordable, and highly configurable SaaS solution puts the power back into the hands of our clients.

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SVP of Flood