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What It Looks Like

Simplicity Meets Functionality

Our Equinox platform has been designed from scratch by Solstice Innovations as one, wholistic system combining the power of the entire enterprise functionality into one enterprise platform that allows all users to perform their required functions seamlessly, intuitively, and easily, from one simple interface, regardless of how broad or narrow their system access or function may be.

Solstice’s platform is designed to handle any-size carriers in all states with multiple product lines across the P&C industry.

Inherently Wholistic

Our platform has been built to be inherently wholistic allowing all users to perform their functions easily, intuitively, and quickly from high-functioning web interfaces. The platform is designed to meet the needs of the more traditional distribution channels (agency) as well as cater to the growing trends of future generations (consumer-direct). Solstice allows the company to control which distribution channels it prefers to use: (a.) through traditional agency channels; (b.) to promote direct to consumer sales and service; or (c.) both.

First fully SaaS, natively cloud-based enterprise platform solution

Solstice is the first fully SaaS, natively cloud-based enterprise platform solution that will allow insurers to ultimately move away from all legacy technology when completely converted with no technology risk and virtually no capital risk. We have built a next-generation digital platform, leveraging today’s latest technology advances, including artificial intelligence (Al), machine learning (ML). and Hyperautomation.

Equinox Virtual Backoffice™

Consumer Portal Integration

Equinox integrates the Consumer Portal with the Virtual Backoffice™ enabling the policyholder to view certain aspects of their account and policy including the status of their policy or claim at any time. This also facilitates e-document delivery for communications such as, policy forms, declaration pages, notifications, claim related documents, and more. With opt in/opt out tracking the system allows the insured the ability to determine if e-delivery is their preferred method or if regular hard copy mailings meet their comfort level.

Security & Entity Management System

The Equinox Virtual Backoffice™ (VBO) is a comprehensive and proprietary security, content and system configuration management tool integrated directly with our own interactive workflow management subsystem. The VBO is at the heart of how Solstice client’s interface with the Equinox ecosystem and manages all aspects of their back-office operations.

Control your future.

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