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The way you pay.

The insurance industry is faced with both limited and outdated fee options when paying for technology. Solstice provides the industry with a new, innovative approach to financial partnerships between carriers and technology.

Today, insurers pay for their technology in 3 primary ways:


They pay an over-burdened IT staff and/or stand-up in-house innovation teams.


They pay consultants or other outside parties to build their technology; or


They pay New Legacy software service companies licensing, maintenance, and professional service fees

(and often still have to ramp in-house IT resources to support the 3rd-party ‘out of the box’ software).

Changing how the insurance industry pays for software and technology forever.

Solstice offers a new option, one that will change how the insurance industry pays for software and technology forever. Solstice does not require its clients to sign-up for long-term and expensive licensing agreements and will allow insurers to finally feel like they are in control of their own data, customers, and future. The Solstice fee structure is based solely on key metrics of an insurers premium volume and growth.

Our Goal

Today’s largest New Legacy players all rely heavily on professional services as a key source of revenue. And while Solstice will have some professional services, the goal is to keep this minimized.

Unlike Solstice’s competitors, we are NOT looking to keep a foot in the door to sell more service work.

Financially aligned with clients

By aligning itself financially with its clients, Solstice has a strong recurring revenue model that provides the incentives to always ensure its clients have the latest technology, best product, and most secure / efficient back-office.

Fee based

By aligning its fee base to our clients’ premium volume and growth success, Solstice is unencumbered by the traditional inverse support models of today’s software providers and can, for the first time, work as a true success and growth partner with their insurers.

Control your future.

Join the platform.

Let go of the technology anchors that are holding you back and allow us to help you finally pursue your lofty business goals with the empowering technology from Solstice. Learn more about how our insurance technology solutions can help you.