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Our History

Changing the Industry

Solstice is a software company that was formed in 2018 to focus on changing the way Homeowners and Flood insurance carriers leverage, procure, utilize, and fund technology and is leading a new paradigm shift that will change the industry forever.

 The Solstice team has built a reputation within the insurance industry as being innovators and a leader in technology-based business services solutions. We have a proven track record of leveraging technology to disrupt, modernize and change the future of an entire insurance sector for Homeowners and Flood insurance.

A Beacon for Insurance Companies

The team at Solstice has become a beacon of hope for insurance companies seeking to look for new ways of modernizing and evolving their own IT and system initiatives. Strong market demand was the catalyst for the inception of Solstice and drives our software vision and strategy of improving the relationship between insurance companies and the software solutions that serve them.

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Control your future.

Join the platform.

Let go of the technology anchors that are holding you back and allow us to help you finally pursue your lofty business goals with the empowering technology from Solstice. Learn more about how our insurance technology solutions can help you.