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Competitive Landscape

Don't risk capital.

Are you ready to give the boot to your costly old legacy core system? Our clients have better things to do with their capital than to risk it on trying to build a new system that is likely to be outdated before its even launched; or paying millions of dollars upfront for a legacy system that still takes years and more capital to get implemented.

Solstice does not require a large, up-front capital expenditure from our partners. Instead, we tie our success to their success and work together with you to get up and running fast so that together we can provide industry-leading products and services to agents and policyholders. 

With Solstice, you will experience the power of enhanced on-demand products and services

Designed for the rapidly shifting insurance market of today—and tomorrow.

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Simple, affordable pricing

No upfront investments, expensive customizations, or long-term contracts.

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100% cloud native, web-based and highly customizable solution

Delivered to you in a true SaaS solution.

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Headache-free, real-time, no-charge system enhancements

Made possible by AI, ML and Hyper automation.

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Convenient, affordable, and highly configurable SaaS solution

Puts the power back into the hands of our clients.

Phase-out expensive legacy systems and/or bloated software packages responsibly

With a realistic Solstice roadmap that mitigates risk and finally enables you to sunset those antiquated solutions.

Control your future.

Join the platform.

Let go of the technology anchors that are holding you back and allow us to help you finally pursue your lofty business goals with the empowering technology from Solstice. Learn more about how our insurance technology solutions can help you.