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Cloud Based SaaS Model

Solstice Innovations, Inc. combines the latest technology, (deployed completely in the cloud in a SaaS model) with a fee structure that aligns Solstice with its clients in providing solutions to their biggest problems.

Insurers will have the most flexible, easiest-to-use and latest technology, free from the lengthy (and often expensive / disappointing) deployments typically seen with in-house or ‘New Legacy’ players. The Solstice solution does not require large amounts of upfront capital expenditure to launch servers farms in a dedicated, hardened facility. And it’s free from expensive licensing and maintenance agreements pushed by a ‘professional services’ group that is perpetually trying to upsell new services.

The Solstice Solution

Solstice Innovations helps remove the technology risk that so many insurers have been burned by numerous times in the past 2 decades, with promises of software that just never quite delivers as promised, and is always more expensive than advertised. We give our clients the ability to see, touch and experiment with our platform before making a long-term technology commitment, mitigating technology risk.

Fixed Fee Data Conversion

Solstice charges a fixed fee for data conversion, so there are no surprises or hidden fees—something that insurers are extremely weary of after having been burned so many times.

Don’t Pay Until You’re Ready

Most importantly, Solstice doesn’t start charging fees until the insurer approves the proverbial ‘flipping of the switch’ to the Solstice platform; Solstice only starts getting paid when its clients are operational, using a metric of their volume and growth as the basis for our fee.

Innovators In Insurance

Solstice founder Travis Pine has 20 years of experience as a technology innovator in the insurance space, along with over 25 years as a technology entrepreneur. 

His vision as the cofounder and CEO of Torrent Technologies proved that the insurance industry trapped in large, outdated and inflexible systems could and would quickly gravitate toward fresh technology, cost reduction, and ease of use.

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Since founding Solstice, most of the leadership team of his former company (as well as a number of other employees) quickly joined his new venture, allowing Solstice to boast the same impressive leadership as with previous endeavors. Our team has worked together in building successful software solutions for the insurance industry for over 20 years and has over 250 years of combined insurance and technology experience.

Control your future.

Join the platform.

Let go of the technology anchors that are holding you back and allow us to help you finally pursue your lofty business goals with the empowering technology from Solstice. Learn more about how our insurance technology solutions can help you.